Bazqet Crunchies
Bazqet Bars


Mr. B, Bazqet offers healthy alternatives to traditional snacks. Product range includes bars, rice chips and pop corn that contain less sugar and in many cases organic, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.

We developed an identity for Bazqet that put the company owner in the spotlight. The real Mr. B often wore a bright red jacket and blue and white checkered scarf when he visited our office. His arms proudly filled with the newest find of tasty snacks. The brand name Bazqet became his basket of goodies. As a contrast to so many serious heathy offerings in the store we chose to celebrate life and tasty snacking with vibrant and humorous style. The planet and animals are the friends of Bazqet and play a role in brand story telling.


ADCN Silver Award
Silver Pentaward
NL Packaging Awards Nomination

Design Strategy, Brand Identity
Packaging Design, Illustration
Food Photography, 3d Design