Kyanne Buckmann Leidse Top 50
Kyanne Buckmann Leidse Top 50

On march 8th 2022 International Women’s Day, a new TOP50 has been programmed in Leiden of women who stand out because they make a difference in the city in different ways. They are active in various sectors including work, education, government, culture and business. The list is not a ranking, but intended as a podium to give the women a face and thus generate attention for the organization, the initiative of the company they work for. That way they can make even more of a difference.

TOP 50

Why Kyanne is on this list?

“Eigenaar & creative director van het Leidse designbureau BOWLER & KIMCHI. Zij sleept met haar ontwerpen de ene na de andere internationale award binnen en zet zo Leiden op de wereldkaart.” – Quote from nomination.

Translation: “Owner & creative Director of design agency BOWLER & KIMCHI located in Leiden. She rakes one after the other international design award in and in turn puts the city of Leiden on the world map.”

Photo of group taken by Eelkje Colmjon.